The comprehensive Essay Advantage Course gives students the tools they need to navigate their path to higher education successfully. Our proven PowerUp Method will turn their interest into passion, passion into action and action into results.

College application essays have become increasingly important in determining a student’s acceptance.

With less emphasis on test scores, essays are one of the most crucial components when applying. Through storytelling, students share their stories and personalities, giving them a chance to stand out. 

Essays that leave a lasting impact aren’t created in a day. It can take weeks, months or even years before students experience something so meaningful that they can’t wait to write about it. By sharing their journeys of how they conquered a fear, summited a mountain, confidently pulled off a public performance or successfully raised funds for a philanthropic mission, they reveal characteristics that are appealing. Colleges are looking for leaders, influencers, innovators, survivors, overachievers, overcomers, those who are determined; you get the point. 


You might be asking yourself, “What if my student hasn’t overcome an obstacle or experienced a life-changing event?”

That’s where our PowerUp Method comes in.

Our proven-to-work program inspires students to identify their interests and power them up a notch or two! Start early; 9th grade is key. While PowerUp can help high school students in any grade, the earlier they start, the better.

Call it our secret ingredient - or that our combined 40 years of storytelling works!


Definitive Proof Our Method Works!



“I have been sharing praises for you and referring TWE to everyone I speak with. Thank you for all you’ve done for my son. He has emerged from the experience positive and proud!”


Fort Lauderdale

“My son has an Ivy League resume, but when it came time to write his college application essays, he clammed up. Through their interactive process, where they asked him many questions designed to find his academic passions and his personality, they truly helped him find his voice. They taught him how to tell the story of what drives him, what inspires him, what brings him joy, and how he wants to use his education to positively impact society. They turned a process that seemed insurmountable into a thoughtful journey that allowed my son to shine. I highly recommend The Write Essay if you value guidance in the increasingly competitive college application process.”



“TWE has helped all five of our children through the college essay process and has managed well with their various personalities and working and writing styles. TWE professionals are particularly skilled at asking kids the right questions to help them form a story about themselves. Most importantly, they helped the children to produce excellent and original work. We feel fortunate to have worked with her over the past eight years!”

Through our PowerUp Method

Students become more engaged in the process:

• Confidence levels soar
• Students can authentically reveal appealing character traits
• A chance to “humble” brag
• Compelling stories
• Competitive advantage

Here’s what we teach students:

• What is a brand, and why it’s important
• How to identify their interests
• Turning their interests into passion projects
• What next level means and why it’s a MUST