Case Study #1

The Curd Nerd

Our student had a passion for cheese. Our coaches suggested she locate a professional cheesemaker. After touring his factory, she set out to make cheese. She researched, signed up for cheese blogs and even joined the American Cheese Society. It wasn’t easy as this student with a mind for business needed to learn the chemistry of cheesemaking. It took several “fails” until she finally produced a perfect batch of mozzarella. With tenacity, pivoting and improvisation, she produced that perfect mozzarella.

Case Study #2

The Criminal Mind

This student revealed her family regularly attended night court. Digging deep, she told us about her fascination. Why were there so many repeat offenders and what could be done to break the cycle of recidivism? With our guidance, she located a group that has a zero recidivism rate. She met with former inmates, heard their stories (some were even in solitary confinement for months), and then signed up to volunteer with a group that helps reunite families with ex-cons. She helped at reunification functions and raised awareness by passing out leaflets in parks.

Case Study #3

The Entrepreneur Turned Global Advocate

This student had a T-shirt business but was keeping the profits. With our guidance, she located a charity that helps children in developing countries. She began donating her profits, and they even promoted her company on their website of preferred businesses. In need of volunteers, she became their first high school intern as a blog contributor. Going the extra mile, she became penpals with a Cambodian teen, further strengthening her global awareness and sensitivity.

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Student Testimonials


Junior, New York, Ross School of Business

“The process works. I never felt stressed, which gave me the freedom to be creative. There were things that I didn’t even know I could write about until my writing coach helped me develop a framework, asking me questions that helped me dig deeper. My essays revealed so much more about myself than the average application ever could. This helped me to be admitted into 10 colleges. From Michigan’s Ross and Cornel to GT and Wash U honors. In addition, I developed writing and analytical skills that have served me well during my three years at Ross.”


Sophomore, Syracuse, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

“I truly enjoyed my time working with the TWE team. It took away a lot of the stress that comes with the application process. I wanted to write about a topic that many kids had used, camp. Instead, the writers helped me create a unique idea that set me apart from others. The practices that I learned while working with them have strengthened my writing and I can see a vast improvement in my college essays.”


Freshman, San Diego, Chapman University

“With TWE, I was able to create authentic essays that described me in the way I see myself. They made me realize that colleges aren’t just looking at GPA and SAT scores, they are looking at the whole person. TWE flushed out interesting and unique stories from my life that I wouldn’t have considered writing about. In addition, writing with TWE kept me on schedule, even encouraging me to finish most of my essays over the summer. This took an enormous weight off my shoulders and allowed me to enjoy my final year of high school!”